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 Dance Seduction Moves   www.danceseductionmoves.comClick Image To Visit SiteChi Szeto is the dance instructor that dating and pick-up coaches depend on worldwide for dance advice. For the first time, he is revealing all his methods for hooking up with hot, gorgeous women from the bars and clubs in this special video set.

Have you ever looked at hot, sexy women moving on the dance floor wanted to start talking or dancing with them but had no idea what to say, how to approach, and what you would actually do if they were interested? I know exactly what its like because I was in the exact same position.

When you look at gorgeous girls dancing together, it can seem like theres an invisible wall you cant cross to get their attention.

They look like theyre having a lot more fun than you and even if you do get the courage to go up and talk to them, they barely hear you.

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Or best case scenario, one of them is willing to dance with you a little bit before a friend drags her away three minutes later and she forgets about you instantly. Its like you never existed. Most of the time though you just stand there and watch because you have no idea what to do.

1) A few years ago, I was awful with women, both on and off the dance floor. 2) Learning how to dance even extremely well didnt help until I learned the secret Im about to share with you.

A lot of my most successful students have come from very hard times with women. Tell me if this describes you at all:

You feel awkward dancing in public and your moves feel stiff and uncoordinated You feel like youre doing the same move over and over and its boring everyone you dance with. You dont look like youre having any fun The music is too loud for you to talk to anyone and its awkward when the girls cant hear you

After training a ton of men, young and old, I can tell you that the dance floor is the hardest place in the world to pick up women if you dont know what youre doing

But its the easiest place in the world to meet women if you know the secrets Im about to share with you.

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I always loved music and would watch MTV and VH1 growing up, practicing dance moves… Read more…

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