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 Do It On The First Date   Get Laid Now   Dating And Relationships   Dating Advise   Sex GuaranteedClick Image To Visit SiteHow? In a second I will explain how I get the chicks and have them throwing other chicks off balconies to get to you…

That’s all you need to do right now is read the contents of this page and you will know how to MACK.

If I’m not paying for it, good looking or lucky, then how in the world am I that well off with girls?

I bet you go out to parties and when girls would show up you start talking to them only to have some other dude cockblock you.

You wish you could just meet a beautiful intelligent girl who wasn’t completely bat shit crazy one that you can have whenever you want right?

You approach women your friends give you a hard time if you get got shot down and it really is always an EPIC FAIL.

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I know YOU see hot chicks at coffee shops, and it would take me all of my courage to go talk to them, but it would always seem awkward and you know there is probably a way but so far from that.

Look in fact, everybody knows about the pick up arts, and how you & every other pathetic nerd has to read ebooks that will just give you bits & pieces of information.

Then you would come across dating guides online and they were totally complicated and you have add so you can’t spend more than a couple minutes learning something.

Something that allows me to have sex with any woman at will, no matter if she is a doctor of internal medicine or the hottest stripper in Vegas.

This simple difference is almost ironic and it is simply tragic that so many do not live the life they want because of this simple thing that is overlooked.

But everytime I tried to give her a little hint, she would give me a hint back… that we were just friends.

Well we became even better friends, and after she started going out with a bodybuilder dude and she saw I was cool and supportive of that, never showing any jealousy…

Most men would not be able to handle hearing her have sex in the other room without freaking out and wanting to join in.

So after the years and three more boyfriends, every girl around the area knew that my best friend was this hot ass blond.

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